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Play And Grow For Toddlers
An 8 week, engaging experience to build connection with your toddler while promoting essential milestones
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Created by Jaimi Erickson
Creating environments that foster a love of learning, self-confidence and responsibility.
Spend quality time with your child
Complete two hands-on activities weekly. Nurture creative and cognitive development through crafting and experimentation.
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Celebrate the fun
Get matched with a group of 6-10 parents who share the same passion. Share and discuss progress via chat.
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Learning loop
Jaimi Erickson
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Jaimi is the voice behind the Stay at Home Survival Guide blog. Since 2011, she has been creating and sharing simple learning activities. She is passionate about providing children with an environment that fosters a love of learning and self-confidence as well as personal responsibility and discipline.
Find out when new start dates open up
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